Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A New Guru

No, no. Not me. But hurray! Stephen got an '05 Guru Grono w/Dura Ace from a guy in Arizona last weekend. After receiving the measurements Saturday afternoon, we packed up and headed to Phoenix. We met him at an In and Out parking lot of all places (Stephen's favorite fast food). After a couple of laps, he was sold. And now he is the proud owner of a TT bike. I hope he's ready to put on soome good miles this summer/fall preparing for Ironman Arizona.Man Guru's are pretty. Let it be said that I had no influence on this purchase.
A little Guru love in the back of the Tahoe.
My sister was nice enough to host us on such short notice. We went to a small Pub in downtown Phoenix on Saturday night. Sunday we awoke to rain, so we watched a little cable before heading out for his first ride. We did a portion of the same loop I did over Christmas break. It was a pretty flat, fast ride up to the base of Estrella Mountain. It was a quick trip with a lot of driving, but after seeing his little kid excitement face, it was worth it...and hopefully it'll be worth it when he's rocking the bike course in AZ this fall!
Tuesday was supposed to be JT's ride. But after reports of 44 degrees at 6am, Bethany and I decided that 2 more hours of sleep cuddling in my bed sounded much nicer. We ended up going for a 3 mile run once the sun warmed things up. After work she put together a trainer session. What a blast! We had the tunes going, and I'm sure our roommates thought we were crazies. At least we didn't have to turn the heat on!Today I went for a 6 mile run and felt alright. Tomorrow it's JT's ride and hockey. Depending on the water conditions, a cove swim may be in order for Friday morning. Saturday, Bethany and I are hosting a Valentines Day Great Western Love ride. Hopefully the rain will hold off!

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