Thursday, June 13, 2013

into the swim {bike::run} of things

Ah yes. This feeling faintly resembles another long past time in my triathlon life. The Ironman build.

So I'm back at it again. After O'side, I took some much needed and forced time off. The tonsils came out. I became lazy. We took an awesome trip to Monterrey for the Sea Otter Classic which was a kick {in the pants} off to a summer of {training} fun.
concentration. how do i clip in again?
most everything started at the sea otter bridge
road race of death. glad i said "hell no!"
circuit race anger ensues. must find shade.
epic photo of the weekend.
really, sea otter is a big MTB party
so we started partaking in the party
my cross racing husband. :)
flying mount. {I need to learn his skills}
the san diego crew {less the Kogut's}
Terry, Kyle, Cristi, Bruce, Me & Dean
took the coast drive home.
great stop for lunch with amazing views 
What an awesome experience to ride a bike on the Laguna Seca Raceway. I think I would've been happy with just that. Racing after literally sitting on the couch for 2 weeks straight on pain meds wasn't the most fun idea, but it was a great shock to the system and really broke free why I like going fast {and how much work it's going to take to get there.}

Unfortunately this summer isn't about going fast, but more so about extending the long. Looking at the long term training plan, I definitely forgot what the definition of long really is:

adj. Measuring a great distance from end to end. {eg: 115mil bike rides, 20+ hour weeks, Ironman}

Yikes. I obviously wonder why I do this to myself. And then I remember. I like to be challenged.

verb. A call or summons to engage in any contest, as of skill, strength, etc {eg Ironman}

So the challenge has been set. Get me across the finish line, again with a smile on my face, and without injury. It's a mighty challenge that Brian {& Kyle} better be up for.

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