Sunday, April 7, 2013

Tonsillectomy Tuesday

Tonsillectomy = not awesome. Gross details ahead but I'll spare you from the pictures.

Day 1: 7:30am checkin. First iv line blown and it took a while to find another. Tonsils were taken out with a machete. Recovery room was horrible pain and they wouldn't let me lay on my side. I felt like puking, but being in so much pain, I had to keep the barf down with sheer force. Second recovery area was much more pleasant. 2 popsicles. 1 lap walking around the track. Was cleared for departure.

Day 2: Night one was horrible. Up every 30-40min. Car alarm in the alley didn't help the cause. Day 2 wasn't bad though. I thought I was home free. I {slowly} ate some mac and cheese! Was trying to go 6 hours between pain meds. No such luck.

Day 3: Death by sleeping. Slept more, set my alarm for 4 hour increments to make sure to wake up for the pain meds. Helped. Woke up and felt like a monster was sleeping in my throat and I woke him up. Ate chicken broth, water, apple juice.
google image search is awesome.
exactly how i feel
Day 4: Woke up in tears. I now dread sleeping. Daytime is much easier. Pain meds are very cyclical. Take it, feel crappy for 20 min, feel awesome at 45 min, good for 2 hours, and then pray that the rest of the time up to 4 hours hurries by because I'm in so much pain. Eating happens in the afternoon hours. Sherbet, chicken broth, ice chips, pudding.

Day 5: Missed my am pain meds and woke up alone {Kyle went to look at cars} and in horrible pain. Mornings bring dagger pain and a stiff neck. Once the medication gets back into my system things get better. Took a ride in Kyle's new {1968} VW Beetle! Ate angel hair pasta and scrambled eggs, more pudding, hard-boiled egg whites.

i can't believe we own a bug!
Day 6: Alarms worked, but still woke up with the worst pain yet. Stayed in bed longer than usual. Accomplished my goals of taking a shower and cleaning the bathroom/bedroom. More pasta and mashed potatoes. Surviving. However, I think the scabs are starting to fall off. The shedding is more disgusting more than painful; but I've learned to expect that the pain will come.

With all this lazing around, I really need to start stretching and rolling. My legs were sore from Oceanside until Wednesday, but that was the least of my pain concerns. I think I actually recovered quicker than usual. I ran as fast as I could on the day, and while it wasn't fast or "hard" it was still time spent pounding on cement. Heel isn't hurting nearly as bad, so I'm optimistic for training again, once my throat allows.
i know how you feel buddy; okay maybe not.
I watched Paris-Roubaix today. Great race. I don't think my heart rate has been that high since the surgery! Go Fabian!

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