Monday, April 19, 2010

Homework, What?

So. My coach is amazing. He has done quite a bit for me this season, more than he needed to. Weekly training plans of swimbikerun were all that was needed. But every time he put in the extra effort, I noticed, and it made a big difference.

He analyzes the data from every possible angle. He tells me what workouts are key and when I really need to hit my goal pacing/HR/effort/etc. and when I can back off. He tells me what, when and how much to eat. He was flexible when my body wasn't. (Colon, listen. I'm doing my best here, but you need to cooperate) He motivated me through hard, rough, dark patches, and let me know when the light was going to shine in (and during the rest weeks it did). He road his heavy commuter bike alongside me up the steep roads of Mt Soledad during the first half of the longest run(s) of my life, and then he'd run the other my pace. He emailed me videos of proper run technique. He just wrote me a 6 page Race Week plan.

All I had to do was swimbikerun. Easy enough, right?

Until now. Homework time. I won't give away all his secrets, but here are some of the tasks I've been given.
  1. Make a checklist of everything you need to bring to St. George.
  2. Make a checklist of everything you need on race day. This is a cool site.
  3. Make a checklist of everything you will put in your special needs bags.
  4. Call Elizabeth and ask her about using immodium during the race. Also, tell her you're nervous and she will remind you why you shouldn't be.
  5. Write up a detailed nutrition plan.
So the tasks begin. Hopefully this list making/packing will shake the nerves. I'm usually a last minute packer and wait until very late the night before the race to get my stuff together. And yes I forget:

I forgot my custom ear plugs to an important swim meet in college. I've forgotten to bring a swim suit to swim practice. (Actually multiple times...but imagine how many swim practices I've attended in my life, give me a break.) This weekend I forgot socks (thank you Erin!), my liquid nutrition (carbopro 1200), extra salt and sunscreen for my swimbikerun day. Luckily, knock on wood, I haven't forgotten my bike, helmet or shoes since I've been riding.

But seriously, lists are good. My college roommate, Missy, was (is?) a list maker, only because she was obsessed with crossing things off. So she'd include
-take a shower
-calculus homework
-brush teeth
-take birth control
Okay, maybe that's a little drastic. But she did download the Post-it notes program so instead of having sticky notes attached to her computer screen they would appear on the side of the desktop. We had fun messing with her lists on Vernon. (Pleasure Mikey, Make Rachel's bed)

Random tangents. Packing List for St. George. Started my google doc with earplugs and sunscreen.

Oh yeah, wee! I got a new custom tri top from Splish! I made it because I wanted to wear Brian's coaching logo and the shop logo from Moment Cycle Sport. It's light blue with white sides. I've already tested it out and it's awesome...but I need sunscreen.

12 more days.

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