Saturday, April 3, 2010

Final Four

Final Four, basketball what? Go Midwest. That's all I have to say about that. Now, really onto some serious sporting news.

Ironman Utah is Four Weeks away!

I'm down to the Final Four weeks of training. The time hasn't really flown by. It's been an eventful past five months. This is it. One more hard week and then I'll be tapering! The last time I actually had a real taper (that worked) was Four Years ago, finishing my collegiate swimming career. The seasons were longer back then, but the anticipation is the same. I wish it was here, now, over, done. I have enjoyed the journey though, and I should continue to enjoy this it is the easiest, right?

It's no surprise that I haven't updated in a while. I just got done with a huge three week training block and my rest week is coming to a close. Thursday included a successful IM simulation day. Next week brings my longest run, longest brick, and longest ride on top of the tempo workouts, swims, and the San Diego Custom Bicycle Show that we are having a booth at. Fun times. But there is a light.
First ride picture from my new iPhone. :) Straight down my straw. Solo Swami's loop on my IM simulation day.

Here are some fun moments that my busy weeks brought:

Season opener for the Monday night La Jolla Shores TCSD swims. Big group, perfect conditions, fast friends and fast swimming.
Kyle came out to play.
Sunset at the ocean. What a great place to be.Enjoying my backyard. I don't get to do that very often.
What a nice view.
I had some Mt. Laguna adventures. The first one wasn't horrible, but it was a wee bit cold and windy so we didn't make the entire 102 mile loop for fear of getting blown off the backside. I think that day it ended up being around 90. Super duper fog on Laguna. Sunrise Hwy wasn't so sunny today.
Fun times with new riding partners. Liz and Whitney; crazy girls who don't wear enough clothes.
A couple weeks later Jen accepted my offer of GWL+Laguna (I had some unfinished business), and we made it out for a perfect day. Full circles here. This was the same loop where I did my first century, also with Jen. She was training for IM Arizona and I was a week out from Soma Half IM. Now the tables have turned and she's training for Wildflower half and I'm the crazy girl needing long ride partners. Good times battling the headwinds on the way out, and yes, on the way back. Just our luck. Although we thought we were lucky, spotting a Radio Shack rider, and thinking it was Lance Armstrong on our way down from Cuymaca...but apparently it was Chris Horner. Skinny white dudes in Radio Shack kits...they all look the same. Here is my tweet from Moment Cycle and our retweet from Lance.
And his response back. Yeah, Lance Armstrong tweeted back at us!! Holla!Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's 4 more weeks to go!

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