Wednesday, February 3, 2010

new swim, bike, fun

Wee!! I got back in the ocean last Friday! Wow, I really miss the freedom of no walls, the chop of the cove and even that cold burn of my face. It was a quick jump back into a world I've neglected for quite some time. The Friday First Light swims used to be a staple for me last winter, but the focus this winter has switched to Ironman training. Yes, there is a swim during an Ironman, and yes, it's 2.4 miles, but during those first two base months, long ocean swims weren't the priority. Pool work has been mundane lately, non-inspiring, and just kinda Blah. The ocean brought life back into my stroke (as did the wetsuit and salt water!) but it wasn't perfect. Sighting is something I kind of forgot about. I wasn't going too off course, as there really isn't anything to swim towards anymore, but I'll have to add a weekly ocean swim to get consistent with sighting again. Good morning Friday. Good morning Cove. Good morning Mexican hot chocolate at Pannikin. Yes.
So I've been missing the cookie monster quite a bit lately. (My Parlee road bike). Kermit has been getting all the attention and has been enjoying his time in the light. I love my aerobars and my position, and just going...but sometimes those hills just bite back. I have a random week of training before my St. George preview this Sunday/Monday and I was able to take the monster out for some fun. I met the ladies of the MCS race team and had a blast pacelining around fiesta island. After strategy, leadouts, and sprinting I still had to get more miles in and headed up Soledad with a new friend from the team. What a beautiful morning out on a new-ish bike.New fun! CEP compression socks rep stopped by the shop...and I ended up with a new pair of hot pink socks. Perfect match with the new pretty shoes. :) Coincidentally, new running fun: I ran in the socks during my last long run. Same course, 45 sec/mile faster than last week. I won't credit the socks as being the only factor...but running is fun. shhh, don't tell anyone.

This weekend is shaping up to be one of the most epic training weekends ever. Cloudy with a chance of crazy.

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Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

Chance of crazy? I love it. Good going with all the training. You are kicking it!!!!!!