Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kermit in Vegas

After a successful course recon in St. George, Kyle and I headed back south and made a little stop in Vegas. My parents were in town for my mom's Tupperware convention. Yes, get your giggle out now, she is a Tupperware Lady. She has been for most of my life actually. I think her title is Executive Director. She's pretty BA> even has a car provided by them! Anyway, I digress. So we park and I decide that I'm not leaving my bike in the car in the self park section. So Kermit comes for the adventure. On an elevator, down an escalator, through Paris, past the slots and blackjack tables to hotel check in. Where we met my parents. Check out this video...watch for the lady's face near the end. Hilarious. Everyone was staring.

So after getting settled we met up with my grandma and grandpa and went to dinner at a yummy burger place in the Paris hotel. The next day we wandered around for quite some time and stopped at the fountains...that didn't start for another 4 hours! My grandpa won $1100 on the penny slots the night before, not kidding, so he bought us breakfast at buffalo bills. :)
Took a much needed nap and then awoke to this: Fat Elvis. He had an amazing voice that was spot on, but he was quite a bit larger than the real Elvis. Here's another one. Hmm. Apparently he has lost weight. He used to weigh twice the amount he is now. CRAZY!After his performance we went back to the room to get all dressed up for another performance. We went to dinner at a cool seafood place in the MGM. Kyle had his first raw oyster at the demands of my father. Hilarious, wish I had that on video.

The other performance was Cirque du Soleil KA. What an amazing show. The moving stage was unbelievable as were the many acts. I have been a huge Cirque fan after watching the many hours of Cirque week on Bravo TV back in college. I can't wait to go back to vegas to see another one!In Paris. Playing the giant slot machine...no I didn't win. :(
It was so great to be able to see my parents and grandparents for a quick trip. Walking was probably a good recovery from the work laid out in St. George. Although I think the heels were a bit much. :)

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Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

My bikes just watched the video. They are very jealous they have never been inside of a casino before.