Thursday, August 7, 2008

JT's Two Torrey Pines Tuesdays

Tong twister, thigh burner, and thrilling.
Ok, I'm off the "t" rant. The past two Tuesdays (I promise that's it) on my usual Cabrillo morning ride, I've opted for the longer version up to La Jolla. July 29th we had mortgage mania at work (I won't even get started on that) and our hours were 11-8. So rather than waste my long morning sleeping in, I went to JT's ride with the thought of extending it afterwards by myself. I arrived and was excited to find out that a group was heading up the coast for a longer ride. Great! I don't have to bike alone. Hopefully I can keep up!
The ride went well. I don't think I could re-create it again, or even find my way home without the group! We started with 7 and ended up with 4 finishing the entire 2.5 hour 40 mile ride. We didn't do any laps on Torrey Pines - a long, steady hill - thank goodness! I only had 1 water bottle, filled with Powerbar Endurance drink and a Hammer gel. Definitely wished I had another bottle with water. Live (ride) and learn.
After the ride I had some time before work. So I ran for 30 min. Fun times (actually). I think for the first time in my short running life, I actually felt good. Like I could've kept going. Am I building endurance? hmm. I hope.
This week I showed up to the ride groggy (after Sunday's 5 mile swim) and expecting to get back on the Cabrillo ride. Nope. I did have a choice this time as 2 other riders were going on the usual ride. JT wanted to head up the coast again. I figured what the heck? I may as well get a long ride in. The only way I'm going to get better is to ride with people faster than me. Alright, JT, you better not drop me; I'll get lost.
Surprisied myself. We did a similar route (36 miles) in a little over 2 hours. The only time he really dropped me was on Torrey Pines. Of course. I really should work on hill repeats. We had to get back; I had to work at 10am this week so only 1 lap. 9min30sec from stop sign to blinking light. I better beat that next time. New plan: I'm starting out slower. Oh yeah, and bringing another bottle, with water. :) And, to clarify, I'm not by any means saying I kept up with JT; he was nice enough to ride with me.
Best part of the ride: JT, "Rachel, you're getting stronger on the bike!" wow, confirmation that what I feel is actually happening. And surprising as well, since as of lately, I've only been biking once a week (plus the measly miles I ride to work, in work clothes) because of weekend visitors and races.
Today and last Thursday were both Dale weeks at Mission Valley Y masters swimming. (my favorite day) "The Eliminator" and "The Indicator" were his workouts. Both challenging. And rewarding.
Today: 3x200 on 2:45 3x200 on 2:35 and 3x200 on 2:25. On the last 3 I was going 2:15s.
3x100 on 1:20, 3x100 on 1:15 and 3x100 on 1:10. swimming lingo. sorry. Posted for future comparison because he writes that workout every so often to test where we are at.

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