Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Best Weekend In California...so far

Well, the title says it all. Here's a recap; I'll try to keep it quick.
Friday: Cove swim was cold and only a mile, but still fun. Paul, Dawn and I went out for sushi afterwards...yummy! Great food and silly conversations.
Saturday: 5:45am wake up. Club Race. Paul picked me up, the race went well. I didn't look at my swim/bike time on my watch, but I did have my fastest run split somewhere around 25 min, which yes, that's still slow, but I'm making strides (literally) at improving. 4 months and 4 min. I also went my overall fastest time by a half second. 1:10. **Edit: I went 23min in my run!! and a 1:09 overall. Super excited!! Work: yes I just included work in my best weekend ever, but I had to come in on Saturday to close a loan, and overtime pay is always nice. Climbing: Paul and I went to Lake Dixon, or Dixon Lake (actual order unknown). Super easy approach with some fun top rope problems. I somehow managed to muscle my way up a 5.10 sharp flake with no feet while adding a heel hook near the top...what a sweet climb!! We have to go back to work this 5.11 overhanging roof crack that just wouldn't go for us. On the way back we hit up the coast and ended up eating at Pizza Port. Attention all Rachel visitors; you will be going here if you come see me. Large vegetarian (who are we kidding here) with chicken. Half pesto sauce, half tomato, with whole wheat crust - so delicious! I ate 3 pieces in the car on the way to the La Jolla Shores for Buck's Moonlight Swim. Paul dropped me off with waterproof camera in hand and I helped set up the glow sticks on the buoys. We finally entered the water at 9:30pm and it was amazing. A 180 from Friday's freeze. It was 74 degree bath water. IT WAS THE MOST FUN I'VE HAD SWIMMING - EVER. and obviously that's saying a lot, since I swim. a lot. Took some neat pictures (posting soon).
Sunday: (finally right?) Swim buddy for Solana Beach Playa del Run aquathon. It was a beautiful morning "floating" for 1000m with the sun shining in my face. :) They had great food after including oranges, peaches, grapes, muffins, naked juice, and the dreaded Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Last time I indulged? hmm, summer '02 living in Minneapolis. I'm going on a bike, this is fuel right? haha...well it ended up working. I did this loop with a couple people from the tri club: http://www.roadbikerides.com/ride/view/swamis_ride/664 It was a Pumpkinman prep ride; (heat and hills baby) an inland ride done around the noon hour...scorching. It was everything I expected besides an unexpected performance by myself. I had 2 gu's (note to self: vanilla bean is yummy, and caffeine works), endurance drink in one bottle and water in the other. At the halfway point we stopped at a church to fill up in the spigot. The ride back was primarily downhill, but there were still plenty of climbs, just not as sustained as the way out. It was nice to get back to the ocean breeze towards the end of the ride. After napping and Olympics watching I took a trip to Target where I proceeded to spend way more than necessary. Oops.
Swimming, climbing, biking and napping. Could it get any better?

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