Tuesday, July 8, 2014

2014 SDIT

The yearly benchmark race. I almost didn't register as my run prep wasn't where I'd have hoped it would be, but the lovely folks at TCSD granted me an entry as a thank you/retirement present for my help with the JCC swim program over the last 6 years. Coach's advice was solid and I went for it. And it was everything I had hoped it would be. A great confidence builder in the plan and in the work I did this year on my bike. I can't believe it, but crit racing actually helped me race triathlon. That silly full gas on, rest, sit in, full gas, unpredictable, controlled by others, way of riding and racing somehow translated to an individual pursuit. 

The swim was ho-hum, as it usually is. Gun went off and I started out moderate. Looked around and saw a couple of lurkers, but decided to drop the hammer and get them off my feet. Kyle commented on the swim start, "Babe, before the first buoy you've taken half as many strokes as the girls around you and you've already dropped them." I watched a video he took and yeah, my stroke rate is a bit slow right now. I really don't have the swim fitness to keep it up, so I relied on my strength to pull me through. Time was close to my slowest at this race but was still first out in my wave. {12:31}

Kermit was back in action this year, and I got to hammer the bike. I PR'd the course {49:12!} and had a blast up at Cabrillo. It's so nice to know every bump in the road- and there were quite a few! Gotta love the city of SD and their water line issues. Once they are done digging up OB/Point Loma, I can only hope and wish they'll actually dig up the entire road and resurface. It's a disaster out there right now. Power was where it should be {200 watt average} and I {not so gracefully} got off the bike still holding the lead. 

If you saw me in T2, I ran to my rack like an old lady. My freaking jammed low back was NOT happy coming out of aero and standing was a bit difficult. I knew I'd eventually shake it off as it had before, and just after the sand out of T2 I was able to stand straight. Phew. My run garmin wasn't cooperating, so I finally switched it to timer mode and went by the course mile markers. Was hitting my 8min/mile goal and feeling pretty great, surprisingly! 

Kyle was yet again an amazing Sherpa and has this race down pat. He drops me of at transition, drives to the finish line, rides his bike back to the swim start and cheers the entire way. He gives me time checks on the run.

hanging out before the swim.
This year I had the lead until mile 4 on the run. It was the latest I'd been passed on the course, yet I'm never surprised when it happens. The first girl ran a freaking 38 run, to which I have no answer to. The second came past me and my legs refused to respond. Not that I blame them, as they've had no speed work an haven't even ran a mile under 9:15 in training. Pulling off just over 8min miles for 6 miles was a huge feat for me and I still can't believe they did it. I ran 49:08 and the muscle soreness was quite the reminder for the next couple of days.


Overall at 1:53 this was my second fastest SDIT and I was pleased with the result. Last year I was Debbie downer after a less than spectacular day and it was nice to redeem myself, if only for the confidence it gave me going into this summer. I ended up 3rd in my AG.

cycling podiums are fancier.
It's funny how my bike times at this race seem to mimic my run times each year. 

2009: 52/54
2010: 50/50
2011: 50/51
2012: 49/47
2013: 49/51
2014: 49/49

In 2012 I was coming off decent fitness from Carlsbad half marathon, and Panama 70.3, and Kyle was deployed. After a couple months off, I put in an almost 30 runs in 30 days during April which kickstarted my training, but still I lacked focus and consistency leading up to the race. One of these years, I swear I'll actually schedule my training plan to peak for this race (i.e. actually train for it!). I'll eventually get to that elusive top spot on the podium!

Onto Carlsbad Triathlon this weekend! It's the Moment Employee showdown. Stay tuned...

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