Thursday, May 29, 2014

{bike} Love. and those who lack.

Love, not hate. Cyclists look after each other. We point out obstacles, we lead out team members, we lend a tube/co2/flat help. The hate we are confronted with stems mostly from road-raged drivers who needed that extra second we've just took from their lives, while they've waited until it was safe to pass. Or don't wait for that safe moment and nearly run us off the road. We've all been there. Some of us yell back, throw the fist in the air, or use certain fingers to display our fear and anger we just experienced. Some brush it off and ride on. Some cyclists hang it up and don't come back because they aren't confident in their own skills, nor the skills of the drivers around them. Some aren't so lucky and end up injured or sadly, killed. But I digress.

Then some of us experience hate from the inside. Which is the worst hate of all. We as cyclists need to ride together, cheer each other on, and lend a bit of Tegaderm when times are literally rough. Leave those hateful words behind. 

Today I had my first real hate. And I can't help but say it hurt. Finding yourself on top of the podium tends to bring jealousy into the mix. Jealous insecurity? Maybe others have felt this towards me before, but when it was put into the world in writing, it kinda stings. I have a loving husband. I work at a bike shop. I'm passionate about swimming and cycling. My family is awesome. Life is pretty simple in the Wills' household. Not perfect. But that's life. And if you are jealous of mine, then make it for yourself. I'd suggest starting with love.

This is not to say I haven't felt jealously towards others. I know of the hard work and dedication, drive and motivation, put forth to achieve a goal. I've been jealous of fitness, I know hard work has been put towards. Of job titles, which were earned. Of perfect relationships. Of hotter bikes. Of my husband's metabolism. 

Fortunately or unfortunately, social media tends to bring out the best and worst in people. It's either painting pretty life pictures on Instagram or smashing businesses on Yelp. What you don't often see is the hard work, heartache, arguments, job application failures, relationship issues, screaming children, and all that other crap we hide behind the doors of our homes. What you don't get is that face to face interaction. That other crap is what makes life interesting I suppose. What make the highs great. And as for those lows: How brave would you be actually letting a business know they messed up to the owner before blasting the company online? How brave would you be letting me know I'm a sandbagger to my face? If you want success for yourself, you shouldn't wish failures upon others. 

A friend told me today: Successful people don't break others down.

After 6 years here in San Diego, I really feel the Minnesotan in me and sometimes beneath all the sunshine in California there is darkness. The nice isn't so nice. The relationships aren't as strong. Loyalty is something spoken, not practiced. Judgments are made before introductions. {Seriously, I've never met the guy} I guess that's the way it is. 

I'm always looking for new riding partners. Come to Moment. Call me a sandbagger {or a badass cyclist} to my face so we can joke about it, and LET'S RIDE! 

We all need just a little less hate and a whole lotta love. (Words spoken by Mr. Ralph Elliott; a local cycling race announcer and promoter)

Tomorrow is bike to work {makeup} day in San Diego!

2 comments: said...

For what it's worth- I think you are the cat's pajamas Rachel. Hater's gonna hate. Thanks for keeping it real not only in your blog but in every day life. We need more people like you. I think it's pretty easy for people to hide behind social media... it's the easy way out and a cowardly way to communicate your opinions of others. My 2 cents.
- Laurene

Diem Do said...

I'd be happy to tell you, right to your face, that I think you're a badass chica. Keep on truckin' Rachel.