Sunday, February 24, 2013

winter blues

Is it racing season yet? Seriously sick of this winter training {and lack of training} stuff. I'm officially admitting that I'm a Californian. My thick Minnesotan {Kyle's pronunciation: min-eh-so-shun} blood has thinned to the lowest viscosity. In fact, I can't really remember having thick blood. My body has always used clothing and water to regulate temperature. With the slightest change I'm either freezing or frying and requiring a complete wardrobe change. There is just no hope for temperature regulation - so that's why I moved to California. Because it's not supposed to get cold or hot here. And us Californian's sure do know how to complain about the weather. One of those "storm of the centuries" supposedly hit Tues/Wed {of course my days off}. I went for a bike ride. I ran. Yeah it's not that bad. End rant.

The blues of winter also mean that my cute Navy husband got to wear his handsome dress blues for his re-enlistment ceremony. Not shown is my down jacket hidden for the photo-op. Thanks again to Maj. Dave for going 2 for 2 in performing {free} legal ceremonies for the Wills family!

On a random note, K-edge sent me a surprise custom made blue Garmin mount for Super Grover! Kid in a candy store excitement erupted when opening the box. Kyle has the red mounts for his Garmin and Go-Pro and I was slightly jealous that they don't make blue like their chain catcher. I casually mentioned this to the guys at K-edge when placing an order for a customer, I was truly shocked to see one in the box with the order!! Yeah, it's the little things.

Blue boots of recovery at UCPT. it's been a fun journey learning how to run {continued process for me} and learning how my "pretty ballerina feet" aren't so pretty inside.

Blue fit bike! Yeah we got the new Guru Experience fit bike. It's {almost} exactly the same as the old one...just with fancy blue lights. I'm still doing bike fits daily - making people faster and more comfortable is pretty rad. Taking the bike out of the equation and just focusing on the rider is what we do, and is what we've ALWAYS done at Moment. It's not about the fancy machine either - the fitter must have the experience and knowledge.

Sadly, today the color of the week shifted to red; Kyle had an unfortunate car incident {accident} in LA and required me to save him. Poor Baby Girl {Red Xterra}. Brought him to his race where he had another unfortunate incident. Poor Kyle's palm {bloody}. And poor me - having to miss work {and my workout} and drive 6 hours in LA. I'm ready for the blues to come back.

Soon enough my toes will be blue at the start line of the Desert Tri next weekend.

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