Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Feeling Christmassey!

It's my 5th Christmas living in San Diego, and while each year I secretly wish for a white Christmas, I know the only white will come from the white caps in the windy Pacific Ocean. I am lucky enough to live by the beach and have the ability to ride my bike {almost} every day. The storms of yesterday have passed - and thank goodness. That hour spent on the trainer was dreadful. I pay the sunshine tax for a reason, and it's definitely paid so I don't have to ride my trainer.

I haven't always felt so "Christmassey" living in the sunshine capital of the US --> but this year has been a bit different. Kyle and I set up the fake tree we bought two years ago for our first Christmas {I'm allergic to pine pollen} and I wrapped presents early to put under the tree. I finished my Christmas shopping with very little stress, and really tried to get into the spirit of the season. I drove slower, and smiled more, and it's actually working.  And in spite of not being with family for this Christmas, I'm very much looking forward to the day with my husband. Pretty tree + presents in the morning, followed by a bike ride up the coast with Noko,  {sadly no Ian; he's getting a new hip today!} sunset on the beach, and then a delicious dinner.

Today, I rode the beach cruiser with the custom basket to the post office to mail the last of the gifts - which will be arriving on time! Unfortunately logging miles on that bike doesn't count as training as the Garmin didn't make the 4 block journey. {hey, I did a long run this morning!}

Warm wishes and Merry Christmas from San Diego!

Zipp/Sram rep sonja brought yummy cookies,
a sram scarf and custom name tags for my bike!

tree on the beach - postal run

beach ball ornaments!

love where we live :)

make a wish!
yep, superstitions still run true with me. :)

enjoying those superstitions with our new roommate. Stone's
Vertical Epic 11-11-11 and 12-12-12. Both were unique!

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