Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cookie Monster returns

And the saga continues. I've been on vacation so I haven't had a chance to get this crazy story in writing. Here it is:

Saturday during our anniversary sale at work we got a random phone call from a person asking the value of a Parlee frame and SRAM rival crank. Um what?! Apparently this person was in a Salvation Army looking at the frame and was wondering if $599 was a good deal. So we ask for the color and serial number...what do you's mine. Cory told the "customer" that it was stolen property and gave the phone to the manager. They kept the frame in the office till I could get the chance to go pick it up. Why did the customer happen to call my bike shop? Well the frame had our shop sticker on it with our phone number [and old address]. So listen up people; shop stickers save [bike] lives.

Monday Kyle and I headed out to the good ole Salvation Army to retrieve my cookie monster. We had to call the cops so they could verify that I did in fact file a police report and I was who I said I was and showed them my receipt. We parked ourselves on a salvaged couch and waited 2 hours occupying ourselves with the iPhones [what would we do without technology?! Actually have a conversation?] waiting for the cops.

They came. Verified. And I walked out Scott free with my bike. Or rather part of my bike.

Who donates a $3400 frame to the salvation army? Someone who knows serial numbers are tracked. They even stole the fork, which was an Enve unpainted worth a chunk of $$ too.

Assuming they stole the bike and parted it out. Dumped the frame into a donation bin and it just so happened to land in my lap.

For now, Cookie Monster will be a [very nice] piece of wall art until I figure out what to do with a frame [no fork] and crank [and yes Dave, the bottom bracket too]. Anyone want to buy a really nice Parlee frame? I'll actually throw in a new Enve fork.

Alright. So who knew I'd actually get to see him again. I'm beyond excited.

I'll give a full report on Super Grover...but Cookie Monster has a very special place in the fleet, always.

SDIT update and Ohio vacation updates to come. Need to get better at posting sooner. :)

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