Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Married, Moving, Motivation

3Ms on the mind lately [yeah Minnesota company].

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to my amazing husband. We celebrated our anniversary weekend with Katrina + Chris at their gorgeous vineyard wedding on Saturday.

Sunday the celebration began with a torture fest around the Great Western Loop with Erin, Chris, Jake and Bethany. Somehow managed to find the motivation even through a hangover. We continued the celebration by reading and enjoying the ocean at Sunset Cliffs on Osprey Point where we got married one year ago.

I got him a sweet Lego Luke Skywalker watch that is still within Navy Regulations, as there is no way this watch is a "fad." He got me the more traditional paper - Halloween pumpkin cutout patterns. Can't wait to show off our skills on our new deck!

Finished the day by enjoying the deliciousness that is our cake topper. Erin so graciously made us a new cake for our anniversary - and it was just as good as the first time! Good thing I'm back in training!

Week 2 of training is in the books, along with finding a place to live, teaching swim lessons, going to PT [knee is feeling better every time] and work. It's hard to get a chance to enjoy the little moments with Kyle before he leaves in November. Finding the motivation to keep on going has been alright. Hard at times, but if I schedule workouts with friends, then I can't not show...so more of that, please. Anyone in need of a training buddy over the long, cold winter, hit me up.

[fixing a flat on the backside of the GWL; Kyle and Erin were impressed by my self servicing skills - hello I work at a bike shop guys...I really do get up from my desk every once and a while.]

This week is more training, PT, packing & moving! Big stuff on Saturday if anyone would like to help - we pay in cold hard [beer] currency. Heading back to Ocean Beach - just over the hill from our current location. New place is 2 bed/2 bath house with 2 car [=25 bike] garage. Super nice, wood floors, updated kitchen, heater fan in the bathroom, large walk-in closet and amazing covered deck spaces. Pics to come eventually [with pumpkins].

Then it's VACATION!! Cannot wait to get away from San Diego for a bit with my man. Climbing, training and enjoying each other's company - so needed and so precious with the imminent deployment. Thanks for all the wishes. We survived our first year...now it's about "damage control" [kyle's old collateral duty] during this 7-8 month time apart. Rosie better be right - we can do it!

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