Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cali-forn-I-A Vacation!

Kyle and I were in need of a vacation. After all the bad news with work conflicts and not being able to make it back to MN for our wedding reception/family reunion/lake time, I was pretty bummed. Bosses went to Europe during the Tour de France and toured around on their bikes. And working for a small business is just a part of my job. 5 employees and 2 are married. So they leave, and we can't. Kyle had already started his leave request and had to re-route it after switching his plans. The Navy is also not flexible, but in a completely opposite way.

Anyway, Kyle will report on his crazy first half of the vacation in another post. Here's a preview: 16 hr drive, 5 hr nap and then 71 mile road race as a kickoff to a 3 day stage race + climbing report (and many other crazy adventures).

Wednesday night I flew to San Fransisco after work. Plane delay due to a mechanical issue in Phoenix on the flight before. Awesome. Enjoyed a beer while sitting on the airport floor because the bar was packed. Made it, and we headed to Berkley to stay with old roommate, Bethany. A quick night's sleep and her and I were up for an early bike ride while Kyle enjoyed the extra zzz's. She managed to find a friend with an extra bike (Steel Lemond - actually liked it!) and we headed out for an hour ride on the hills around her house. Beautiful ride up through the fog. Didn't realize it actually got cold somewhere in CA in the summer - so of course I didn't bring enough clothes. Thankfully she borrowed me some knee warmers. Base layer, arm + knee warmers + gloves = not my idea of a summer ride.

Kyle and I were off to Yosemite for a quick camping/climbing trip. We managed to beg for a camp site close to Tuolumne Meadows from a young couple who looked fun and had some extra space. We headed out to Lake Tenaya for a picnic and nap. Drove around to get a lay of the land and found the route we were going to climb the next day.

Woke up to yummy instant Malt-O-Meal, which Kyle apparently has a distaste for. Headed out to a slabby 4 pitch 5.7 climb called West Country. We were the first ones on and headed up with ease. Got to the top for my least favorite part - the descent down a more slabby 4th class "walk off" which consisted of me scooting my booty in a crab like walk down the wall. Pants ruined. I later found out my quads were fried from clinching on so tightly to the rock. Smiling the entire way, because everyone knows when I get scared I smile/laugh. Kyle thought I had good spirits about the adventure.

pretty new rope - kyle left his at chris' in oregon. love rei's return policy.

summit finish above Lake Tenaya with self timer camera

west country. the 2 small people are on the top of the 2nd pitch.
Went to the meadows for another picnic and post climb beer. We were about to get on another climb and some thunder clouds started arriving with a few big rain drops. That's enough to get me outta there, as lightening + climbing do NOT mix. Went back to camp to put on the rain fly on the tent and take a nap. Woke up, and it hadn't rained a spec at the campsite, which was at a lower elevation and more west of the climbing area. Took a quick hike and decided to head to dinner at a quiet family style restaurant at White Wolf area. Delicious soup, salad and chicken fajitas.
setting up self timer for meadow lunch. camera started falling. failure, but a pretty funny pic

green moss. green bag

yes storms on the horizon. 

yummy quiet dinner.

tired, maybe? 
Saturday we woke early and headed south, out of the park (long, curvy, slow, up and down, back and fourth route) to make our 6 hour journey to Santa Barbara. Arrived and tried to stake out some camping at El Capitan State Beach, but got screwed. Checked into the Motel 6 for a much needed shower. Dinner at a local Italian place in Goleta and back to the hotel to prepare for the triathlon. Noko and Ian brought my TT bike, and Steve, Erin & Frank, and Brannen & Brian all came up too.

Sunday morning we rode to the race start. Raced. Drove to LA for a criterium in Torrance. Raced. Drove home to San Diego. Sleep.

Race reports to follow. Evidence of a fun FILLED vacation:
Items to tag: 3 bikes, tent, cooler, 2 sleeping bags, 3 sleeping pads, 2 pillows, 6 helmets (2 road, 2 aero, 2 climbing), blanket, 2 triathlon bags, 1 climbing rope, 1 entire climbing rack of gear, 2 harnesses, 2 camp chairs, stinky clothes, 2 tired people
Seriously, 6 helmets? Yes - safety first people.
love yosemite.

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I am exhausted thinking about it.....and I feel so old...I train and need nap- no climbing, camping or stage races! Enjoy it all girl- well you guys seem to