Tuesday, June 29, 2010

SDIT report

Alright, I know everyone is looking forward to the engagement story...but I started working on the SDIT report last week and am finally getting around to finishing it. Ring post to follow soon. Promise. :)

Here it goes. Racing. After 2 months of "recovering." I gave it all I had and here's how it went down.

Training for Ironman: Endless months of dedicated work
Training for SDIT: what?

Packing for Ironman: A week ordeal. Checklists galore
Packing for SDIT: 9:30pm Sat night, also a bit race morning

Pre-Race Ironman meal: Spaghetti
Pre-Race SDIT meal: Velveeta Shells and Cheese

I signed up for SDIT way back in January I think. I did it so I'd have something after Ironman. Because I knew I'd have no focus immediately following the date that I had been looking forward to for over a year. May 1st. I can't tell you how many times I verbalized that date. But what's beyond that? I knew that I'd struggle to get back, and that this race would be okay to "fake my way through" to make sure I didn't completely fall off the horse...although I came close.

Sunday morning came a relaxed wakeup call. The race is 1 mile from my house, so I set the alarm for 5am. Kyle dropped me off at transition and he drove downtown (separate start and finish areas) and biked back to where I was. I set up my transition area and went out for a quick spin on Kermit to make sure he was shifting okay. Well he wasn't and the chain dropped. Serious point of frustration. Black fingers. Getting ready with the Tri Flo. Long T1 run causes for stuck wetsuits.
Pre-race picture with Erin. Similar one from last year. Erin and I did a quick jog to the porta potties at the swim start, back to transition, into wetsuits, back to the swim start, back to transition for anti-fog for the goggles, back to the swim start. Good enough warmup for me.
Unfair transition areas and far away porta johns really make you think as a race director, this is what not to doThis picture will forever make me laugh. Having a bad day? Break out this pic. Apparently, Brian hadn't figured out how to use Amy's camera. Laughs all around.
In the water for our 7:15 start. Behind the men 60+, Clydesdales, and Challenged athletes. Thank you Koz. I got to the line, put my feet up behind me, and floated till the gun went off. Surprisingly, the swim was uneventful. The waves were 5 min apart, so I had clean water for about 150 yards before I started weaving around the pack ahead. No pink caps in sight, I must do this all by myself. I was alone the entire time and didn't have Colleen there this year to guide me through, as she was up in Idaho for IM CDA.

Out of the water, delusional as usual. I hear my name many times...I know this is going to be a great race. All doubts gone. I love local races. TCSD is great and with all the swim coach volunteering I do, I've developed a reputation and I've met alot of people.
Into T1 I begin to rip of my wetsuit. I stop to take off the bottoms, as I know I have a long run in front of me to get to my bike, and when all the water drips out of the suit, it's glued to me. Taking it off earlier is always better.

So it's Kermit's time to shine. This course is my "home course" as our weekly shop rides from Moment Cycle Sport follow the route. I know every bump in the road, every pot hole, every hill and descent. I know where to shift. I know how hard to push so I don't blow up. I know this course.

I drank an entire aero drink of water and 3/4 of the bottle of powerbar endurance drink. In 50 min. I drink alot. Having the straw right in front of me, it's very easy and tempting to drink, and I'm also very used to it.

Before the dismount line I decide I'm going to try something new on race day. Thoughts I know I shouldn't have, but what the heck...I'm out here having fun. I slipped my feet out of my shoes and pedaled to the line on top of my shoes. I attempted a leap off the bike and smiled as I landed firmly on my feet. I didn't fall! Woot!

Into T2 I felt pretty good. Put on my running shoes and race number and I was out. I knew there was 1 girl in my AG (Christina Jackson, would've been 4th pro...seriously? she won the desert tri as well) who passed me at the very beginning of the bike. She was the only one. So, running. I left the garmin at home (last minute packing? It was charging overnight...oops) but I think it turned out to be a blessing. I was focusing solely on my lean, technique, turnover and hangin on. From the pictures, it looks like I was barely hanging on. :)

I kept getting messed up as to where I was in the run. 2 miles only? Wait, wasn't that the 4 mile sign? Sweet! I asked a guy what time of day it was and somehow calculated that I may make it under the 2 hour mark. So I put my head down and dug deep.

Thoughts through my head...wow where is this coming from? You have Ironman legs remember? Remember, this is less than 1 portion of the run in St. George...and there are NO hills. Turnover. Breathe. F'ing go!

The build up to the finish line is great. Random homeless man who always comes out and cheers your number, tourists wondering what's going on, and then the line of spectators. I have no memories of seeing or hearing anyone. Again, delusional. I look horrible in every picture. I crossed the finishline and felt relieved it was over. Any longer and I may have walked to that line.

1 other girl in my AG passed me in the middle of the run and I couldn't remember seeing any others. Besides that, there were A LOT of 30 year old's passing me. Tough AG for sure. Results were posted, and who knew?! Under 2 hours and a podium spot!

Shout out to all my training buddies who had great days. Noko, Jake, Erin, Stacy and Beth...who showed up to her first Elite race. (One less 30 year old passing me on the run). Thanks always to Kyle, my favorite sherpa.TLC kids. Thanks Coach Brian for trying your hardest to motivate me the last 2 months. We both went through a post IM depression I think. :) It's good to be back.

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Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

Strong work! Love that "it was Kermit's time to shine" Isn't it great we have bikes that do all the work for us:)