Thursday, November 12, 2009 photos

Interbike 09 just happened to fall right after my one weekend off and during Kyle's return from his sail around. So, why not head to vegas for a fall climbing trip?! We left Friday night, found the campsite right away, set up and crashed. Saturday was an early morning to try and get as much climbing in before the heat set in. We did some sport climbing on the "Panty Wall" and in "Black Corridor". It was great to get back on the rock, and take the sharp end of the rope, man-up, and lead. Here is the weekend in pictures:Do we really have to carry all this stuff for sport climbing?!Panorama view from the Panty Wall.Being silly after a fun day in the Black Corridor.Waking up to 90 degree weather. Why not eat oatmeal and peaches for breakfast in your swim suit? What's on today's agenda? (looks like we got that "early" start we were looking for)Early start and a long hike led us here: Drinks at Bellagio's fountain view cafe. The Bellagio fountains are my absolute favorite. This is the view from their cafe at day...And we even went back at night. So beautiful with Paris in the background.The next day after more really hot climbing, we opted for the waters of Lake Mead. Made a stop at Walmart. Cooler, cider, Kettle chips and raspberries. Yum. Kyle had never had a raspberry. I was shocked. Lake Mead. Awesome way to cool off in the hot desert. And play in the water. Underwater fun.
Back to Red Rock Canyon for one last day on Johny Vegas. Kyle's rack. Or half of it.Leading up. Great climb and a great end to an awesome trip to Vegas.

We met up with the rest of the Moment Crew for Interbike. We stayed at the Tropicana: classy location. Busy, full days meeting with reps and going through possible lines to bring in for 2010. Saw a lot of new cool stuff, including the new breed of Kermit. The Guru Crono 2.0

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