Sunday, July 5, 2009

4 July 09

Before we get to the festivities, a little update.
So I quit my job. :) Wednesday was my last day at Wells Fargo Financial after almost three years with the company. I leave with no hard feelings and I'd like to say it wasn't a horrible first job. Hey, it got me out to California. And, through work rewards points, it got me the waterproof camera that enabled the pictures in this post!I'm now gainfully employed at Moment Cycle Sport as the marketing and sales associate. It will be great to combine my academic background with my love of all things bike (and tri). I really believe in what this shop is and their beliefs on fit and customer focus. I'm looking forward to the challenge ahead.Thursday, Lynne, Elaine and I had the inaugural women's team Parlee ride out at the Great Western Loop with Brian, Elizabeth and Pat. Getting used to holding all the weight with my low back, rather than my bone structure in my aerobars will be a challenge. I was able to finish the ride strong, and we even went for a short, very slow, run afterwards.

Friday was my first day at new work. Time flies when you actually work at work! Sold some shoes and started learning their system. Friday evening, Ian and Noko had a couple of us over for an amazing dinner! She's a personal chef and knows how to feed hungry athletes. Fillet, ribs, corn on the cob, potatoes, and an eggplant dish filled me up! Great conversation with great friends.

Alright...onto the fiesta! Or should I say off Fiesta.
Saturday started early, with Erin meeting me at 7:30 to head down to Coronado to watch our friends compete in the 50th annual Coronado roughwater one mile swim. We opted out ($45 for a lame t-shirt, possible medal, and 1/2 bottle of sunscreen) primarily due to the water temp. 56 degrees!? what! Jake, Carrie, and Mary (brave souls) all swam really well...and froze their butts off! After sticking around waiting for results from the most ghetto timing system of popsicle sticks and warming up (trying) Erin, Jake and I headed out for a quick ride down the strand and back. Ahh aerobars, I missed you this week.Quick stop at vons and the liquor store for some plastic bottles of 99 peaches and apples and Erin and I headed home to prepare for Operation Floatie. This idea started when Erin asked me what I was doing for the 4th. I had no plans, but thought about floating and drinking in Mission Bay since you can't drink on the beach. After some research we found our plan was legal and it was on. Erin checked out and purchased the rafts earlier this week. I had some fun decorating the coolers aka "wet box" (and Erin's stomach). Jake came along as adult supervisor because who knew what Erin and I were in for. And because we are fun company. We walked to Fiesta Island, what I told them was approx. two miles from my house. So a fair sized walk in flip flops and our swimsuits. And questionable about making the trek home. Landed in MB and found a spot to start blowing up our floaties. Done and done! Now let's hit the water and start mixing the drinks! It was a bit windy and we found ourselves in a predicament. Paddle hard, constantly, or become beached...and illegal. Erin's genius idea brought us to the swim area buoys which worked out beautifully. Enjoyed the sun, water and pull 'n' peel twizzlers. Had our fun and decided we should head home.
Say cheese!Erin, Jake, and his medal from the morning's swim.
Walk home was easy and uneventful. Went to PL sports for "dinner" but the kitchen was closed. Back home for a snack, and fireworks. We crawled onto the roof from Katrina's room and could see 8 different firework shows. Awesome. Downtown, IB, Coronado and Point Loma all had the same show, starting at the exact same time. So cool to see them all synchronized. The show was over, but for us it had only just begun. Next stop was "The Hole." Apparently a gay bar, with no patrons besides us. Rock town. One block from my house. The actual bar had a really nice setup. Two beers and a free shot later and home was calling us. A very long super fun day.Today I woke at 6:30. Really? Ugh, body needed water. And apparently mac and cheese at 7:30. Nice hangover breakfast with Erin. Sweet. Off to Coronado for lessons and a ride on the strand with Jake. Phil's BBQ with coach Chad and Julie for super yummy lunch. Home for a nap and then off to the cove, for yet again, another great way to end my weekend.
You can't tell, but I need a pedicure.

A brisk wetsuit-less one mile sunset swim. Brought the camera along attached to my swimsuit strap and tucked into my back. Surprisingly non-restrictive. I'm going to have to start wearing different caps to mix it up a bit.

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