Monday, December 15, 2008

ice skating...

On the beach in San Diego!
I had been itching to go ice skating all "winter" and I actually missed the Minnesota rinks. It's been super hard to get in the Christmas spirit with all this nice weather. I wasn't even motivated to go shopping. I convinced Stephen into a fun date Friday night. I took my skates out of the attic (I knew there was a reason I moved them to San Diego!) and we were off. The Hotel Del Coronado has a small outdoor rink during the holidays on their front lawn looking out onto the beach and ocean. (I know, crazy, right?) It’s awesome! And it’s real ice! Simply amazing. The rink was a bit crowded with a bunch of teenagers, but I was still smiling the entire time. Ah, I love skating! I even found a little ice for a couple spins and my infamous waltz jump. I attempted to teach Stephen how to skate backwards, but with the traffic we decided that would have to wait for some indoor ice time on a bigger rink. Afterwards, we got some hot chocolate and a mini smores kit to roast marshmallows over a real fire. Skating and smores…so much fun.

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