Monday, November 3, 2008

Good 'ole fashioned CAMPING!

Old Skool Camping (circa 1990s): family sized tent, Coleman sleeping bag, 3 coolers stocked full of food, juice boxes (cold beer for adults), and any other non-essential food items, flashlights, Schwinn 18-speed sidewinder.

New Aged Camping (2006-present): REI half-dome backpacking tent, sierra designs 20 degree mummy bag, cliff and power bars, water, warm beer, headlamp, Felt roadbike.

Obviously there are some improvements, but the food situation has significantly diminished since my mom has been removed from my camping experiences. The past two weekends I had a small blast from the past, reliving the good 'ole days of yummy food not prepared by me!

I went to Phoenix to visit my sister and camp, climb and hike. Jack, in his element (off-road), made the journey Queen Creek Canyon. The climbing was great! Crimpy, sharp, face climbing. I rocked a super balancy 5.10 which felt incredible! Megan treated me well with sandwiches, home-made pasta salad and muffins, polish, and fresh fruit. Cold beer was also involved. We camped with about 12 of her friends. She was supposed to stay in my tent, but when her friend Mike put up the Wal-Mart 10 person 8' tent, I saw her eyes widen. (as did mine, I sleep better alone!). The evening brought drinking (cold beverages) and conversation by the campfire. I broke out the marshmallow roasting skills mastered through my father's patience. Golden brown perfection. I was on fire! (not the marshies). Smores...yummm!

My second trip, Jack (after $400 in repairs) brought me and Stephen to Borrego Springs for the Tri Club camping trip. We arrived Halloween evening and the crocodile costume made an appearance. After a starlit night a beautiful morning sunrise started off a great day. Cammie, Shawn, Lisa, Jessica, Stephen and I finally rolled out at 7:45 am. We had a pretty easy ride out to Salton Sea. Getting through the 5 miles of the crappiest/bumpiest/most horribleist road I've ever ridden on having to go to the bathroom wasn't pleasant. We arrived at the West Shores Market and Shawn convinces us to enjoy a cold Coors Light (he bought the six pack). That and powdered doughnuts really got me through the rest of the ride! As the sun got hotter (97 degrees!) the ride got harder. I really put the hammer down on the ride back and ended up having a great ride...until mile 56. BONK! Push...come on let's go! I think the Borrego Springs 2 mile sign followed by the 2 miles to the campground sign really turned me off to hammering, and on to spinning in the granny gear. Stephen (riding with the psycho fast group on the way back) waited for me at the gas station and rode the last 2 miles with me as we traded stories.

Back at camp cold water and jelly toast was waiting...along with Bethany! I was beat...but somehow the only thing (after 10 glasses of water) I craved was a margarita! We went to a Mexican restaurant where I had flour tortillas with scrambled eggs. That's it. Oh yeah, 2 margaritas as well. The evening brought more cold beer, and one of the best large group pot luck dinners I've ever had! Tri-tip beef grilled to perfection, shrimp salad, pasta salad, and more steak. Later in the evening the golden brown perfection was attempted but not replicated. (short metal sticks, wind, hot coals = not my greatest works) In any case, the marshmallows were still yummy.
Yesterday we got back and went for a quick ride to test out Stephen's new saddle. Stopped at Dolci Mango in PB for frozen yogurt and mochi! Dinner was spent catching up with non-Borrego goers Nikee, Brendan, and Lori (with Stephen, Bethany and I) at a yummy Tai place in La Jolla.

Side note: Halloween at La Jolla Cove - two top 10 swims. The water visibility was over 40' the 1/2 mile buoy and the entire swim out. I swam in the morning with fellow tri club members with a wetsuit and was warm by the I had a half day at work at went back at 3:00 for a solo wetsuit. Amazing! Seriously, no better words to describe the clarity, calmness, and brisk aspects of that swim. Not to mention the sun was shining! I heart San Diego.'s being shipped!!!!! A (hopefully quick) stop at customs at the Canadian border...and Christmas will come soon for one lucky girl.

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