Tuesday, May 4, 2010

With a SMILE on my face...

That is how I finished my first Ironman. And that was the goal.

What was sandwiched in between the start of the cannon and 12 hours, 53 minutes, and 31 seconds later, is what's to come. There were obvious highs and lows throughout the day, and many situations that defined the race. I will do my best and try not to ramble...yeah right.

First off, some Thanks.

Thank you Brian (and Triathlon Lifestyle Coaching). For more than you know. For everything. I suppose I got myself across the finish line, but you are the one who got me there in that time, with that smile. Thank you for your guidance, your knowledge, your expertise, your experimentation, your motivation. Thank you for offering all of that to me. Thank you for taking that chance on me. I hope I made you proud.

Thank you Kyle. My IronSherpa. Thank you for being my extra set of legs, arms and back when I'm "too tired" to do anything. For the awesome motivational mile message. For the tums. Thank you for your support, and your love.

Thank you family. Mom, for surviving the 65mph wind gusts during your attempted landing in Vegas (and subsequent landing delay). For making the trip out to Utah. For your love and support. For your cheers. For your hugs. Megan, for driving alone from Arizona to support your only sister. For understanding when I couldn't make it to the first wedding dress appointment and for taking a chance on a Utah Bridal Shop (think conservative) and letting me be a part of you finding the one! For your cheers, for your love. G-ma and G-pa. For your patience. For waiting for me all day. For your hugs and proud faces at the finish.

Thank you friends. For the cheers, the support, the all day tracking. For the text messages, voicemails, facebook posts. You all rock and I'm so grateful. Thank you training partners, for saying yes when I needed you. For pushing me beyond what I thought imaginable. And for helping me through each and every mile of that race.

Thanks to the amazing volunteers at this race.
I'm working on the race report and it may come in sections. Ironman Utah isn't a place to be forgotten. This race tested every athlete's true ability, and that is what an Ironman is all about.

One more thing. Although I enjoyed the experience, and exceeded all expectations, I'm now three days out, and I still believe I won't do another Ironman.

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