Wednesday, April 4, 2012

In Memoriam

Tuesday was a very emotion filled day that started off with anger, fear, and frustration and ended with a good friend, a beer and a smile.

The Cookie Monster was stolen.

I woke up. Changed into my bike kit and went down to the garage for my bike. He wasn't there.

You know when you lose or misplace something and you know you'll eventually find it in that stupid place you forgot to check but thought you did? Yeah, this wasn't one of those times.

I knew it was gone because I knew it was last there. I raced on Sunday and came home. Took it out of my car and walked it back to my garage. He wasn't there Tues [or Monday either according to my roommate]. Someone stole my bike. Anger ensues.

Had to go to work for the ride anyway. JT got down the rental bike and I tried to ride out the frustrations.

Police report and insurance claim bs and then I worked all day. Came home and ran. I ran hard. And angry. And not pretty. And then it was time for dinner and a beer.

Thank you to all my friends for the Facebook and Twitter posts and tweets. I can only hope it'll be recovered. It was very nice to see such a caring world at a time when I felt so violated.

So Mr. Cookie Monster. A proper eulogy:
6 July 2009 - 1 April 2012

You came to my world in 2009 along with a close family of brother and sister frames. I remember opening your box and setting eyes on you.

I rode you a lot that summer. The Great Western Loop and you got very aquatinted. I got stronger. You helped though a breakup as much as the ocean. And then I crashed you. Into the breakup boy. Your brother bike actually. And after separating my shoulder and suffering a concussion, all I cared about was that you were okay. All you needed was new bar tape and you were back in action on the trainer. [I'm sorry, I know you hate that harness and you'd rather be free on the too.]

I realize I put you aside after that first summer. I know you were sad when I signed up for that ironman, knowing you'd be sidelined and Kermit was getting all the mileage and glory. But your day would come. I finished that ironman and set both you and Kermit aside.

July 4, 2010: I got engaged on you! I was with the man of my dreams and he proposed on a ride out to the Cabrillo National Monument, one of my favorite places to ride.

I repaid you with yet another crash. And again separated my same shoulder weeks before my wedding. Thanks for that. And I'm sorry Chris stepped on your toes while coming to my rescue. [he ran over the front wheel after not packing it into the car]

In 2011, I started to test your speed. I upgraded your wheels. And I raced a lot. And Cookie Monster, you performed beautifully and enjoyed your time in the spotlight. You won the state championship. You helped me get enough points to cat up. I was loving my position aboard you. I actually enjoyed riding in the drops. I loved those moments where a burst of power brought you and I together.

2012 was your season, and I am saddened it was cut short. I can only be grateful I had a proper last ride...a race where you went out on top.

I hope you are in a happy place although I know you are either under a bum's ass or being parted out. And that truly makes me sad.

Thank you for everything you've given me. Here are your moments and my memories with you: