Wednesday, December 24, 2014

2014: A year to leave behind

I started writing our Christmas letter and I had to put it down. It was getting a bit depressing and the theme felt repetitive. Rode bikes. Went on vacation. Kyle went SVT, got shocked, got an ablation. Repeat. Vacation, deployment, foreign country ER, and return to be ablated again. "Looking forward to 2015" feels a little more real than most imply.

So I did things a bit differently this year. I wrote our "12 moments of 2014" which allows the repetitive nature of our year to come through. 

12 months of sunshine: yep. We're still in San Diego and loving it. Last winter was a sad state of affairs for the CA water table, but pretty awesome for cyclists. We've had a bit of rain this winter and I found it fun to be able to wear my rain boots! 

Over 11 podium winnings. This blog pretty much sums that up. Had a fun early season racing bikes fast. 

racked up a bunch of points at the 805 criterium weekend
10 days in Tahoe: I do love this place. We went in July and had an awesome trip to swim and ride. Followed with a not so awesome trip in Sept for my {cancelled} half ironman {wildfire smoke} and Kyle's overnight stay in Reno ICU after requiring 3x cardioverts. Not fun.
trans tahoe swim relay = fun.
 9 trips with family- went to Phoenix in Feb to visit my new nephew and got to race too. I went back in April to visit during my moms 2nd trip out. I also went to South Danota in May for Jax's baptism and got to visit the Tiedemans! I got some quality swim lesson time with the little guy. Meg and Jax came to visit over the 4th of July. Kyle and I went to Seattle in Sept for my cousins wedding which was a great Gordon family gathering.  We then ventured out to Phoenix again for Thanksgiving. I'm here now for a couple days before xmas and we are heading to Ohio next week to see his family and I get to meet his grandparents for the first time! Okay so that's 8, but he has 3 houses in Ohio we'll be shuttling between!

family reunion at Hannah's wedding
8 years in the Navy - so proud of my Sailor. It hasn't been the greatest year for him, yet he remains so positive. He started taking online classes to finish his degree. He earned a NAM this summer for his work leading up to deployment.

i've turned him into a hockey fan!
7 bikes in the household. Enough said.
Animal joined the family last Christmas

6 years at Moment Bikes. Still loving my job as the bike fit kingpin and guru at the shop. 

Going on 5 married years. In sickness and health was the theme of this year. Oct brought our 4th anniversary and we celebrated at a Kings hockey game in LA! 

4 cardioverts. One at work, 3 in tahoe. 2 were unsedated. He made me video the first one I saw. 

3 ablations. He's gone in for 3 electrical pathway studies to map and ablate the bad nodes. He's an anomaly. 

Category 2 upgrade. Successful racing builds points. Should be an interesting 2015 racing full time with the big girls. 

Ah yes, the willsdynasty. We gotten knocked down but we will be back.