Thursday, August 27, 2009

ode to Kermit

Guru is now officially named Kermit. Googled "Kermit bike" and got some good stuff:Kermit on the bike. Interesting rake on that fork. Also, it looks as if the chain is on the left side. Interesting. Kermit is now a hipster? Kermit wearing scarf on a green (celeste) bike. Does Kermit Cyclocross? (Lack of paved road, and skinny tires.)

What? A Muppet Wiki Page? Of course! But really, a Muppets on Wheels Wiki Page!? Wow, people.

Lately, I've been trying to get back on Kermey, because I've missed him. And because of this. Yeah, Fiesta Island Team Time Trial. With the Guru chicas of Moment Cycle Sport. The Parlee (yet to be officially named) has been receiving a lot of love lately. Swami's loops, GWL, Moment rides...I must get back on the Guru. Two weeks ago I got back on and did 65 up the coast and back with Dave, my new co-worker, who is training for Ironman Arizona. And it felt great to get back on those aerobars.
We've been hard at work practicing for the race this Saturday. Today was our last practice together before we compete. We kept it at a relaxed pace and we all felt pretty good. It should be quite an interesting day on Saturday, and we are all hoping for no wind. Please. No wind.

I've yet to pull the trigger on SOMA. (I know, right?) I have now printed out the registration form, I just have to mail in the check. Shoulder, running and hip/hamstring issues are holding me back. I don't want to injur myself before Ironman training starts, but I also know I should have a decent base before that starts as well. Balance. Something that I'm going to have to learn to manage and understand.

Swam with two arms twice last week. So that's good news. The cove cleared out (finally) and no longer reaks of dying squid, seagul crap, and rotting kelp. The two mile Friday morning swim was the best of the summer probably. (The one arm, one mile swim is right up there). Looking forward to it hopefully staying warm and clear for a while, before this thing called winter comes, and cools it back off. I haven't been able (nor have I wanted) to wear a wetsuit yet. My shoulder has enough problems rotating with the weight of my arm...don't need to add in any more restriction yet.

Fun party on Sunday. More to come later on that. Had a killer computrainer session followed by some circuit training with personal trainer Evan at Coastal last night. Busy at work. Lame excuse for the lack of blogging. But this has been keeping me busy:
is going to be awesome. Sign up today. Discounts still available.

Monday, August 17, 2009

swim - BIKE - ______

swim: It's going. I'm back up to using two arms...but not really "using" two arms. I still miss my stroke and feel super unbalanced. I can't recover the stroke normally, much less pull any water. Still, I'm going through the motions. I tested it out at the club half-ish ironman, where I just did the swim. It went alright, and I was a little sore/tired by the end. And it was in Glorietta Bay. Omg nastiness. Layer of filth lined my swim suit and gave me a mustache and beard of bay crumbs. I just got a shiver in my stomach thinking about it. Swam in the cove last Friday morning for Mary's "it's see you later, not goodbye" swim. She's moving to Ohio. So we gave her a Oh-bye-o swim. Got back in the play underwater hockey...left handed! (so I'm a lefty, but I play sports right handed, hockey included) Had fun, tried to stay out of the way and not get bashed.

BIKE: Yeah I'm back. Way stronger than expected. Here's how things shook down:
8/8: 50 miles. First ride back, SDBC.
8/9: 40 with Bethany
8/11: 20 on Kermit (the Guru's new name)
8/12: 25 with the MCS girls team on Fiesta
8/13: 55 Swami's loop with new co-worker starting in Del Mar, plus Torrey Pines to finish
8/15: 40 Oh-bye-o ride with Mary. Thanks to Beth for organizing.
8/16: 45 Swami's loop backwards with Stephen A. Fast ride. Sprint finish.
The ladies enjoying frozen yogurt after Mary's ride. Yum Yum!

So, 275ish miles, with only 20 on the tri bike. I've been having some fun with the hills. Still hating, but trying to embrace them. Parlee is helping. Lots of big ring power.

I love riding my bikes.

I said that out loud last Saturday, at the top of a hill, looking down upon San Diego, towards the Ocean, on a beautiful afternoon, with great friends. It doesn't get much better than that.

____: (so that should be RUN: correct?) Fill in the blank activities...
Entertain: Megan (sister) and Megan (sister's friend) came to visit last weekend. We had a blast. Went out in North Park for Mary's real going away party. Hung out with the Erins and danced the night away. Saturday they went surfing while I went on the ride, and we met up at Pizza Port for lunch...oh how I've missed it! Saturday afternoon was spent hanging out at the beach. I got in the water with no agenda. No buoy to swim to. Got in to cool off and play in the waves. FUN! So that's what it's like to be normal. They had to leave early Sunday and head back to Phoenix to work. After my swims, and bikes, I... entertained!
Me, Megan, Julie, and Megan at Ocean Beach.

Eat: We hosted a BBQ at our house for Chris Root's (Bethany's BF) going away party, Evan's mom was in town, and a bunch of people did the Club half-ish race earlier. Great food, friends and conversation. Nice weather as well, hanging out in the backyard.

Have been scared to run. Unmotivated. It has been hurting to jog to my car. This week will change. I'm going to get back out there and test out the legs...and the shoulder. And finally make a decision on the end of the year race...and my Ironman training kickoff. Pondering Carlsbad half marathon in January. Why why why?!
Erin and Meg. Fill in the blank: Two awesome __________! (sistas!)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm (almost) Back!

I know, slacking on the posts. A week goes by. Last time I was sulking. Now I'm celebrating. What's that saying, "Time heals all?" Ta da! Highlights of last week:

Monday was a great coaching session with my new client Gerry. Awesome dude. Was able to fix the timing (from windmill to front quadrant) which is one of the hardest things to undo. And this guy probably has some habits; he's 60+.

Tuesday Evan kicked my a$$ in a San Diego Personal Training session at Coastal. I owe him some swim lessons! Good stuff with squats, balance drills, core stuff...and starting to engage my shoulder rehab with a little movement. I think this really helped me in shoulder activation, and wow'ing myself with the fact that, yeah, I can move my arm! I'm (almost) Back!

Wednesday was Alicia's "It's not goodbye, it's see you later" party. She is a friend from the Moment team and we are sad to lose another girl member of our team, but happy for her new adventure in Denver. We all met at PL Sports Pub and Grill (I walked the 3 blocks from my house) and had a blast. 'Twas fun to watch the girls beat a certain guy at the punching bag game. hehe.Thursday (my one-day weekend) was a blast. I coached two more clients at the high school pool in Coronado on a gorgeous morning. I can't believe they pay me to float alongside them in an outdoor pool basking in the sun. Okay, I guess I can, since Brian has now been given the Rachel Certification of Perfect Stroke Technique. Now he has no excuse for middle-o-pack swims. And Shelby has shown significant time decreases in her timed sets. Ah, the joys of coaching. Watching someone improve because of something I have pointed out and corrected gives me so much satisfaction in why I do it. Also found out about the BEST WEBSITE FOR SWIM TECHNIQUE...Mr. Smooth. Check it out. The rest of Thursday was spent chillin with Noko and Ian, where I had a delicious lunch and some popsicles from the ice cream truck we rushed out front to greet! Yum, Sponge Bob ice cream with gum ball eyes. :) Thursday evening was the Big Moon Swim at La Jolla Shores. A warm wetsuitless full moon swim with a bunch of crazy triathletes. Super sad my under water camera is broken (from the crash) because it was yet again, a great evening. Did I mention I swam with one arm?Friday was a great morning cove swim with Banister. He was nice enough (on his Ironman recovery week. 11:34 at Vineman) to stick with we were catching others. I'm (almost) Back! I was labeled the fastest one-armed swimmer ever by my friend Peter. I beg to differ. One word: Paralympics. Watch the 100m Fly from the last games...a dude with NO arms wins. Dolphin kicking his way to a gold medal, way way way faster than I can ever imagine. Hits the touch pad at the end with his head. Amazing.

Saturday I awoke for what was to be my first true test. As if I haven't been testing myself enough in the water. Elaine and Lynne were going to ride SDBC, so I figured hey, why not join my teammates?

First ride back in three weeks. The same ride that I crashed on. Intense group riding. Why not?

Why not just jump back into it, and face the fear? Yet, I went into it not fearful. But focused. Intent on getting what needed to get done, done. And that was completing the ride. Three weeks ago I crashed a mile before the end. I needed to survive SDBC. And I'll spoil it...I did!

I had shared my thoughts about this ride being the first back with a couple of people. Most everyone responded that I should ease back into it. "What you need is a short, flat, easy ride. What you need is Fiesta Island. Don't rush. Listen to your body" F that. I was listening. I knew what I needed. And what I needed was drastic changes from this whole "resting" thing. I was stir crazy. I was watching my friends attacking their workouts and all I could do was swim one armed. I had to walk past both my bikes every day and miss them. Feel bad about neglecting them. Promise that I'd get back on them soon. So Saturday it was. (disclaimer: I did get doctor clearance to do "this" -cycling- based on pain tolerance. The only thing that can make it worse: crashing again. So okay, I can deal with that.)

I won't get into the dirty details, but I made it. I was attacking the ride, yet being patient. Listening to my body, and liking what I was hearing. "You're going to be okay. wow, you are riding you bike, wow you are getting out of the saddle, wow you are cornering. wow your legs are sore, wow your hamstring is tight, wow evan really did kick your a$$ in that leg session." I think I thought about my legs and lungs long before I thought of my shoulder. Taking my arm off my bars to signal a turn was the first time that I "felt" my shoulder. By the end, I really couldn't believe it. The wind in my helmet, the sound of free wheels buzzing in my ears and the smile on my face. The entire ride. Overwhelming happiness. Sweet, the ride is over. 45 miles. 2:20 saddle time. And I'm (almost) Back! (wow, that was a little cheesey even for me...but it's hard to describe doing something you love after not having done it in a while; yes I realize three weeks isn't that long. but it wasn't voluntary)

Saturday evening requires it's own post: so just a small one-word addition. I saw No Doubt in concert: SPECTACULAR.

Sunday I slept in a little and was planning to test out the tri bike for a short ride. Bethany somehow convinces me to ride with her teammates and Chris for an easy 2 hour out and back ride. One big 40 mile loop, 2 plus hours later, I'm home, hungry and beat. Wow, I did it again. This isn't a fluke. I'm (almost) Back!

For the grand finale. A one mile, TWO armed swim. With Banister and Jake. Who didn't take it easy on me, who didn't slow up. I had to push to keep up. Right arm was just swimming through the motions, and the left arm was working was the kick. (Think my legs had enough this weekend?!) My stroke is not at all normal, nor is it balanced. I am awkward and uneven. But I'm (almost) Back!

This morning I got back on Petunia (Guru) and did a couple hill repeats with the Moment ride. Good times, fun sprints and no (minimal) pain. I missed my tri bike, but it also gave me an appreciation for the road bike. No wonder triathletes get a bad wrap for having poor handling's not them, it's the bikes! Holy touchy! It's much easier to transition onto the road bike, than it is to get back on the tri bike. Reminder for next winter/spring when I'm getting into road racing...don't forget about your tri bike! You have an ironman to train for!

So when will I be back? Hopefully soon. I want to feel the water normally again. I want to be equally strong again. I want, I need, I know: Time heals all.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

I'm going to be okay...

if I keep telling myself I'm going to be okay.
ah, the troubles of staying positive. when functionality is low and pain is constant.
But today (7/26) something put a smile back on my face. I got in the water. In the ocean. I swam alone. With one arm. I heard dolphins. Underneath me. I saw dolphins. Swimming five feet away. I road the trainer. With one arm. I was a cheerleader. In Solana.
I did all of this. And now I'm tired. My arm is tired. My arm is hurt. But, I'm going to be okay. I'll just keep telling myself. But it's scary. But it's hard. But it takes too long.
I started this post a week ago. Expecting to get my MRI results last Monday. Didn't get the call (even after many follow up calls to my doc) until Friday. But...I'm Free! Well at least of any major complications, and I have my large swimmer shoulders to thank. Not only did they help me swim fast, they protected themselves in a moment of utter disaster, and hopefully they will return back to normal within a month.

I'm going to be okay...if I stay positive.

Today (8/2) something kept that smile on my face. I got in the water. In the ocean. I swam. Again, with one arm. With Stephen A. Made salmon. yum. After watching my amazing friends Nikee and Mary dominate the five mile Tour of Buoys race this, I wanted to be back out there. I want to be normal again. I want to ride my bikes. I want to be able to wipe off the counter without pain. I want to be okay.

Not much else to report. Work has been crazy, trying to get word out about the race we are putting on: The San Diego Triathlon Classic. October 10th, 2009. Sign up. Ask me about club discounts.

Oh, last Friday I swam with the morning cove crew. Ended up "racing" people back from the 1/2 mile buoy. Great times. With one arm. 3o min round trip (1 mile). Not bad! I'm perfecting my one arm freestyle, backstroke and modified butterfly. Great times.

I'm going to be okay...Rest, Ice, PT.