Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Update

Friday: Work was boring. In related news, my lunch break consisted of The Office on TiVo, angel hair pasta, and an apricot beer. The 60s were revisited Friday evening when Paul picked me up in Jolly (vintage VW bus) and headed to the Cove for a swim. Traffic was not an issue as we obtaining rockstar parking. Heading internationally, I met up with Gus and the Brazilians at the quarter mile buoy and swam with them to the half mile and out to the A buoy and back in. The Food Network approved TCSD end of the month yummy pot luck was in session, and the Brewhouse afterwards for Lori’s birthday rounded out a great evening. Mmm blueberry beer.
Sports report: Lance Armstrong is back? Well I’ll challenge him to the Del Mar Ride on Saturday (kidding!) I accomplished a super quick 30 miles out and back with the lead group! We then headed down the coast to Torrey Pines for 2 laps on that horrifically long hill for a total of 40 miles on the day. Cleaning, napping and contemplating running (never happened) filled the rest of the day. In entertainment news, I watched Ocean’s 13 with a friend…but didn’t see the last half cause I fell asleep. Hmm, does that mean I give it 2 stars? And p.s. I love that Jim finally proposed to Pam (Office tangent)! I shed a tear.
Sunday morning, Stephen and I went for a ride from my house in OB to Torrey Pines and back. Just did the hill once but somehow my “recovery 60min ride” turned into a hard 35 mile, 2hr ride followed by leg wrestling where I dominated! Fish tacos and fried zucchini (yummy!) at South Beach ended up being a great reward. It’s 5:00 somewhere: Chad called and we met him at Fiesta Island for a 4 mile run. Dinner: Kraft spirals, pork, and bananas. Not mixed. Mmm. What a healthy day!
(PS still impatiently waiting for my bike)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

New (running) Adventures

The whole theme of my San Diego move has been to achieve new adventures in my life. This thought came back to me last night as I decided to skip my usual Thursday Dale masters swim/3 mile flat run with Chad because a little bird chirped in my ear. As we were leaving dinner at Whole Foods, Brendan proceeds to ask me if I want to go on a "recovery 6 mile run" in the morning. Brendan (finisher of 310k bike ride to Yuma on Saturday/crazy ironman) asks me (10 min mile runner) to go on a run. I actually laughed at his proposition. Thought about it. Called him back and decided, what the heck, why not?!
So I meet him at his house at 7am where the dog proceeds to wake up his entire house barking at me. We roll out and within the first 3 blocks Brendan trips on some annoying uneven sidewalk and goes flying into the grass (luckily grass and not gravel, and yes I was giggling while asking him if he was okay). Hmm, this is going to be a great morning. Down a hill (how does this work?), ding! I hit my elbow on a pole but we finally made it onto the trail. 10 min into the run and I'm feeling great. Okay, only 50 more min. The trail was pretty wide in the beginning and we were running at a decent pace (correction-a decent 'rachel' pace). Had to jump some rocks through a creek (wow this is cool!) and balance on a skinny trail while maintaining a run trying not to fall down a cement slab. Up a hill, down a hill and back to the decent pace. I check my watch, 44 min in and I still feel good! My only complaint was slight blisters forming on my feet running in my trail shoes rather than my Zoots. Then Brendan tells me a secret; this recovery 6 mile run is actually longer. Like 7.5 miles. Alright, that's 50% more than my longest run. Okay. I can do this. At one point I actually said, "I'm thoroughly enjoying myself!" After exiting the trail there was one more challenge; ascending the hill back to his house. It wasn't that dramatic, we made it to the top and the 3 blocks back to his house. I made it! 1 hour and 8 min of non stop trail running! Now, during Pumpkinman, I will think back to this run and know I can finish that one. Now I have a new adventure from my life in San Diego. Best part of the morning...chocolate milk. Thanks Brendan!
(still waiting impatiently for my bike)

Monday, September 22, 2008

CRONO updates

I went to Moment Cycle on Saturday because JT needed a inseam measurement. Since we didn't have a lot of time to discuss details on Thursday, Saturday, more details were laid out.
Components: Full Shimano Ultegra SL in ice grey. Still unsure about the gearing ratio...he better give me enough to get up the Tidepools since I'm currently used to my granny ring up front!
Aero bars and brake levers: swapping out the stock ones with the Easton Attack TT for a more streamlined look. These bars are pretty bad a$$! The brake levers are Sram carbon fiber TT.

Saturday the majority of my afternoon was spent in Coronado biking with my century friends. I knew I didn't want my first century to be along the strand (how boring is that!?) so I had a lazy morning at only 50 miles. :) I biked out and back twice with Don for a little over 30 miles. Hopped off my bike and into some running shoes for a slow 3 mile transition run with Buck to prepare for Pumpkinman. After the run I went on 1 more lap with Kevin where we cranked pretty hard. It felt great to push myself that hard at the end of a long day. That evening I went out for pizza with Bethany and Julie. (my new roommates!) We are signing our lease today for a place in Point Loma, closer to my work, if that is even possible! Move in date is November 15th.

Sunday Chad and I went for an easy bike followed by a hard 5 mile run. I did it! No stopping. So, hopefully after swimming 1.5k and biking 40k I'll be able to finish strong! And I finally found a wetsuit I like! I broke down and got the De Soto 2 was 50% off, and I love it!! I went to the cove last night for a sunset swim. What a beautiful evening! No water in my low back, no annoyance in my shoulders or behind my knees; I'm sold! Now I can swim (fast) year round. :)

Still waiting impatiently for my bike.

Friday, September 19, 2008


I really can't believe I'm writting this...and I'm sure my bank account is also freaking out. Yesterday I put a downpayment on a new bike...yes bike. I've been thinking about getting one since the beginning of all of this and I finally just broke down and had a fitting. JT at Moment Cycle Sport had me come in for a 2 hour fitting yesterday morning. Similar to the eye doctor (this one, or this one...but WAY COOLER!!) he made the adjustments as I was riding. From the seat hight and position to cockpit location, everything was measured and calculated. I came back during my lunch break and decided on a Guru Crono. It's a fully custom carbon hand crafted bike. Every post and angle is built specifically for me. I also got to chose a paint color, triumph green and white. It takes 4-6 weeks...and I can't wait!! My excitement is brewing. This means I'll still probably race Pumpkinman on Felty, her final voyage...yes I'm selling her. Anyone need a 07 Felt women's road bike? And, anyone have a junker I can take to work?

Monday, September 15, 2008

September Club Race

1:07.54! 9:11 swim, 33.41 min bike (PB - 20.7 mph!!) and 24.04 run. 5 club races at Coronado this year. Next month it moves to Fiesta Island. Recap - 1:19, 1:14, 1:10, 1:09, 1:07. Twelve minutes drop in 5 months. hurray!
I tried out the no wetsuit idea. Okay, I admit...a wetsuit helps everyone; including swimmers. I returned my sleeveless to Xterra that I was super unhappy with and got the next step up full wetsuit at a great deal. I wore it to the cove on Friday...and hate it. Again, too big behind my knees, in the front of my shoulders, and in the small of my back. The next size down is too tight. They say they don't have anyone in the middle of sizing...but apparently I'm an exception. Annoying! Returning it and giving up on Xterra. I think I'm going to get a De Soto 2 piece.

So my swim was slower, and more brutal. I got elbowed in the back and pretty beat up on the way out. I also made a rookie mistake and was following this girl, and stopped looking forward. Next thing I know we are passing the first buoy and missing the turn. Seriously? I actually laughed at myself during the race. So I get in from the swim and my transition was pretty quick with no wetsuit. I hop on my bike. Oh, didn't reset my computer...that was stupid (so I reset it). I'm thirsty. Oh, I didn't put my water bottle back in the cage...that was stupid (so I suffer). Hmm I need to get this gunk out of my throat. Oh, giant luge in my eyeball (nasty!). Alright focus, complete circles, start pushing, but not too hard, there is a tail wind. Elizabeth passed me on the way out, but I had a good push on the way back and ended up seeing her close to the end of the bike. What? I'm catching her? sweet! I ended up getting out of T2 faster than her as well. Obviously that lead ended .1 miles into the run. LOL. I was super excited about my fast bike split and the way I felt on the run - which was surprisingly good. I didn't feel like I was going to puke at the end! I ended up 4th (my best result) for the women. Two girls passed me on the bike and I ended up re-passing them on my persuit back. But again, they passed me back on the run. But that was it. I had a really great time.

Saturday afternoon was spent at Don's house for a really nice BBQ. Conversation, beer, and friends. Stephen, Brendan, Jason and I went bowling in the evening (137 high score!) and also made it to an Irish bar for some live music. Sunday I woke up at 5:45 to go for Cami's Sunrise Swim at the cove. She unfortunately couldn't swim due to a stingray incident so she watched me swim. I had the entire cove to myself. It was the most refreshing (read: cold) swim that I've had. I wore my new orange suit and orange goggles and I felt like I was one of the Garibaldis. Sunday afternoon I went to brunch with a friend and hung out on the beach to round out a great weekend.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

a MN vacation...a lazy realization

August 30 through Sept 7 training log:
-25 mile morning Del Mar bike before I borded the plane
-25 min swim in Lake Pokegama
-25 min run hungover on the trails behind Uncle Tom's house in St. Cloud (beautiful)
Seriously rachel?
Trip log:
Saturday evening arrival, went to my old stomping grounds, the Green Mill with Amanda, Jason, and Rousey. Sunday, Amanda and I woke early to arrive at Shovel Point on the north shore of Lake Superior for some classic climbing. Dance of the Sugar Plump Faeiries and Ross' Crack. A quick 200 yard swim in the chilly 50 degree waters followed by a nice hike ended the afternoon. Yummy pizza at Apollo and drinking to accompany. I had fun at the MN climbers gathering at Finland State Park group camp site catching up with old friends.
Monday, my mother picked me up in Proctor and we readied the boat for a windy adventure on Pokegama. I got to water ski in the 1 calm bay! I also swam while my parents trolled alongside in their nice new boat. Tuesday was possibly the laziest day I've had since...ever. I slept in till noon. It was rainig. Card making and internet surfing replaced plans of being active (riding mom's bike, cliff jumping and running). Wednesday's activity was increased ever so slightly. 10am wake up followed by bowling with the Grand Rapids Afternoon Delight ladies day. Well not with them, actually I was on lane 19. They were on lanes 1-8. And no one inbetween. I bowled a 117, 138, and fingers got tired! P.S. my mom is a bowler in the league, I'm not that much of a loser. Dinner was spent with my second family, the Haugen's, at Forest Lake restaurant.
Thursday, Katie's grandma's friend from G-rock drove me to St. Cloud. Random story too boring to post. Finally reunited with the pink ladies within 20 min of arriving. I'm sure we were a little overwhelming chatting away in Katie's grandma's living room. We cranked out a bunch of wedding favors and then headed to the nail salon for pedicures. Then off to the bachelorette night...shots anyone? "No Shots!" Pink ladies + 1 out on the town in St. Cloud...what a blast. Harry buffalos, jag bombs, andy's mints, and 6 more concoctions helped make us all a bit tipsy. Thanks to Jean machine for the van rides and uncle tom for letting us crash on his floor.
Friday was started with one sweaty hungover run on a beautiful backwoods trail in Minnesota. Rehersal and rehersal dinner were the day's main events.
Saturday: wedding obviously. what a beautiful day. a beautiful ceremony. a beautiful bride. gorgeous bridesmaids obviously.