Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Longest Run Ever! Sweet!
I don't usually toot my own horn. Side note: I played the flute through high school, so I was a flutie tootie, so, yes I used to toot my own horn (and polish it as much as I currently clean my bike - something about expensive possessions). Tangents. Also, a bunch of my tri club friends ran Carlsbad marathon/ half...kudos. So yeah, 10 miles doesn't seem like a lot to most...but my previous long run was around seven and a half. We are measuring baby steps into this whole running thing which I have been procrastinating at lately. Superfrog is in 2 months. Yeah, I need to step it up. Sundays are supposed to be long run days...and for a variety of reasons, (priorities, laziness - see old blog posts) I had yet to complete one. I decided to run for an hour and a half, and have Bethany join me for the last 30 min. It was her first "real run" so we both had epic mornings. If you can believe it, that picture is post I had energy I have no idea. Lovin the garmin and ipod shuffle (b-day present from the roommates!)
10.08 Miles
8:45 pace (sweet under 9min miles!)
179 bpm average heart rate (under my usual 185bpm)
So, surprisingly I felt great.
Saturday, Stephen and I were going to do an easy 30 mile loop that we created on Friday at work. Bethany calls and invites me to the Swami's Del Dios loop with a bunch of tri-clubbers (Kevin, Chris, Don, Beth, Lorenzo, and Eric) They were leaving from Fletcher Cove...hey why not? Roll out at 8:30 and head up the coast on some filthy, wet roads. That "easy" ride turned into a crazy sprint as the actual Swami's group caught us before Elfin Forest...and we decided to catch the back of the train. I got dropped on a was wet and there was no way I was going to fall off my bike going 35mph downhill with a 90 degree turn at the bottom. I made it through the newly paved (awesome!!) forest and to the church pretty quick. We all reconvened and headed out for the quick downhills of Del Dios. I was pulling our group for a while, but as usual, got dropped on the uphill. Gathered again, and finished on the rollers with Stephen and Beth's fiancé, James. The first time I did that loop I think it took 2:34...this time 2:13. Yeah, I have a nice bike...but now I actually train because of it. Progression. Here we are at the church. After the run on Sunday, my roommates and I hosted a housewarming party. We had a bunch of people over and had a blast. I think we ended up with 15 bottles of wine...not that I'm complaining! Monday was 4500 boring yards at masters and hockey. Tuesday was JT's ride, hot chocolate and a nap before work (nice brick run, right?) and climbing. This morning I went to masters again and Joe was the coach...he never lets down. Main set:
8x300 broken:
1x200 on 2:40 through the set and
1x100 on 1:20 for #1,2,5,6 and 1x100 on 1:15 for #3,4,7,8
Thursday Brendan and I are supposed to go on a trail run through Rose Canyon...that seven and a half mile run. :) Friday I'm off at noon (WOOT!) and I'm thinking about an epic Great Western Loop bike ride with Nikee (and anyone who wants to join).
So here's to 10 miles under my belt, getting faster on the bike, and to dragging myself out of bed for masters swimming. 2 months till Superfrog!
P.S. Happy Birthday MOM!!

Monday, January 19, 2009


My days are ridiculously long. Having to maximize my day is essential for my training and I suppose for my happiness. Most people know the unhappyness that work brings into the picture. So using my day to the fullest is important to me. Friday, alarm set for 5:55am. This is Tigger, Katrina's cat looking into our living room. I was waiting for Nikee to pick me up for the Friday First Light swim at the cove. 57 degrees at the pier, which makes it about 54 right in the cove. burr. headache. cold. burr. But it was clear and crisp. I could see the bottom all the way out to the buoy. Pannikin for sure. After work I met Stephen at Vertical Hold, the other San Diego climbing gym where we put in a good session.
Saturday we rode to Del Mar for the Tri Club ride. Holy sprinting! We stayed with the lead group the entire way to Oceanside. Crazy riders...sprinting off stoplights, "coasting" at 24mph, stand up hill climbs, and running stop signs (which I won't do after hearing of a friend's ticket). We opted for a more leisurley 21mph pace on the way back. After some delicious frozen yogurt at Red Mango we headed back to Solana and switched bikes. I rode the 58cm Bianchi fixie. Seat lowered all the way. I had to stand on my tip toes to clear the top tube...this will be an interesting ride. Rode to Torrey Pines High school for a tennis match. Mind you, that's up Del Mar Heights Rd from the 101. Steep hill. 1 gear. Yeah, I had to walk it. But I somehow made it the rest of the ride praying for my life on the downhills and pedaling hard on the uphills. The tennis match was fun and we got some sandwiches before heading back for the sunset. I put on my wetsuit and headed down to Fletcher Cove for an evening swim. 200 strokes out (once I got past the breakers) and 100 backstroke/100 freestyle on the way back, with the sun shining on my face. Stephen took these great shots of my exiting the water. I heart ocean swimming.
Sunday was a lazy day. French toast and bacon and then it was bike cleaning time. We broke out the tooth brush and Dawn dishsoap and went to town on our cassettes. Shiny! hurray! Sunday evening brought another Fletcher sunset swim. Beautiful.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

new home

Quick masters update.
4200 today.
Main set: 300's again!??!
8x300 Free
(at least it wasn't IM)
1, 2 on 4:00
3, 4 on 3:45
5, 6 on 4:00
7, 8 on 3:30
Joe, are you kidding? 1:10 pace, no way.
Again, I tried to finagle my way into the 1:20-1:25 base lanes, but somehow ended up circling with the lane one'ers. And dying! I made #7 by 3 seconds (2:27). #8 was 3:37...there was just no way I could hold on. The 10x50 cool down was essential. Yet I still had a headache for most of the day. I don't know what's wrong with me. When I pool swim with masters I can't swim slow. Ocean swimming is so relaxing. JCC swim, relaxing. Masters...freaking hard. In the end it'll be good for my speed and endurance. Gotta love a distance day on your 2nd day back. :) And yeah, I like the coach and my fellow swimmers who kick my tush; so Solana it is.
P.S. Swimming outdoors in January. Watching the sun rise through the main set. Ahh, the life of a Californian.
Tried (key word) to run after. Made it 2 miles. 2 slow miles. Too slow to post. :) But I got out there, and I suppose that's all that matters. Hopefully, in due time, things will change and I'll finally start feeling good on the run. Hopefully. Loving the garmin...lately it's been telling me how slow I'm actually going. And how high my heart rate actually gets.
Biking has been going well. Still making it to JT's ride up Cabrillo on Tues/Thurs and still managing to excuse myself from a brick's too cold, i'm too tired, i'm starving.
Alright Rachel, get back on track. You have a half ironman in 10 weeks. Holy crap, I just figured that out. Nervousness sets in.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Holy Masters!

Goal 1: on sale Christmas candy; Killer. Got some cherries to make up and curb the workday boredom eating problem.
Goal 2: in training. Running still sucks.
Goal 3: going well. Cove swimming has been a blast lately. I got off early on New Years Eve and went out for a quick swim followed by an Irish New Years celebration at a local pub in La Jolla. Fellow covers Mark, Nikee and Cami celebrated together. Last week a foggy Friday morning brought Nikee and me to the cove in the afternoon. We swam to the Marine Room and back and it was great! Goal 4: on my way to finding a masters team I like. First test: Solana Masters at the boys and girls club 5 blocks from Stephen’s apartment. Sunday morning. 10:00-11:15am. Initial reaction was positive. I chose the 3rd lane, thinking it would be a safe bet. A nice intro back in the water. Hmm, interesting way to put it, Rachel. After 2000 yards (probably tied for the longest pool swimming yardage since I left Mission Valley Y) of WARMUP (on 1:20 pace!) I was ready to move down lanes. Some peer and coach pressure led me to stay in the fast lanes. I don’t know what I was thinking. Chlorine is poison. The Set:
1: 50fly/50free 4: 50bk/50free 7:50br/50free on 4:15
2, 5, 8: 300 IM no free on 4:30
3, 6, 9: 300 Free on 4:00
Killer. That’s a 1:20 base. 1st day back. Killer.
I can’t believe I made it. 5 G’s when all said and done.
Longest practice since college.
Next beating: Wednesday AM swim 6:30-7:45.
Goal 5: played hockey last Thursday and had fun! Again, good to be back.

Last weekend Stephen and I headed to Borrego again for Commander Greg’s training weekend. We opted for the Saturday 60+ mile ride. We were reminded of the crazy bumpy road. The October trip was one of my last rides on my old bike and I was beat by the end. My new bike made for an easier, faster ride…but boy was my butt sore! The evening before I was crowned the best s’more maker in the world; sweet! I think it had something to do with my fancy roasting stick…and I suppose the golden brown amazingness (oops to goal 1).

Other than that I’m enjoying the warm January life in San Diego…giggling at the record negative temperatures back in Grand Forks. Suckers.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2009 Goals

That's my word. I broke down all my goals, and they all boil down to that. I'm entering my first complete triathlon season this year with full force. I've had some time to think it through and here they are, My 09 season goals:
1. Take care of myself. Easy enough right? I know sleep and fuel are necessary for me to accomplish the rest of this list. Staying injury free is key. Do it.
2. Finish my first half ironman. See my race list below.
3. Maintain the self appointed Cove Swimming Princess crown. That means no wetsuit unless absolutly necessary (winter training), compete in an open water race, and attend every possibly Friday swim. And keep on lovin' that place. :)
4. Re-join a masters swim team. This is essential. I need to get back to 10k min a week.
5. Compete with the SD UWH team at nationals.

2009 Races

1. Superfrog Half Ironman 3/29
2. Wildflower Half Ironman 5/2
3. SDIT 6/29
4. Pendleton Sprint 8/8
5. As many club races as possible

Superfrog Goals:
finish. smile on the bike. keep running.
swim: :26
bike: 2:45 (21mph average)
run: 2:10 (not over 10:00/mile)
total: under 5:30
top 3 in my agegroup

Random Goals:
1. Love my bike like it's brand new.
2. Visit my family.
3. See the Grand Canyon.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Before I give the Mammoth update I need to report on the happenings of today:
Woke up for JT's ride.
I left my helmet at Stephen's. Sweet.
Rode down Rosecrans without a helmet. Scary.
Borrowed a rental helmet from the shop. Stylish.
Dropped my Fu*king chain on the way up the tidepool hill. Sh*t.
Got my chain wedged in between my chain ring and frame. Double Sh*t.
JT removes my crank with a #5 allen to free chain. Skills.
My paint is chipped. Tears flowing as I type this.
I made it back to the shop and just left my bike with the doctors.
Also, I took a cold shower, locked myself out of my house and car and had to walk to work. It's Tuesday morning. This week is not going well. Also I had a non-existant brick run this morning. I just laid in my bed. I really need to get my butt into gear for this half training.
Alright enough's the Mammoth report.
Sweet! Another three day work week led to a long weekend at Mammoth Mountain snowboarding. Stephen, Greg and I headed up Thursday afternoon and got on the "hill" on Friday. We stayed wtih my cousin Dana and her boyfriend Adam at their condo in Mammoth Lakes. It couldn't have been any easier. The bus picked us up and brought us to the foot of the mountain. After a full day of boarding in some snow showers (with little visibility) we headed back. Goldschlager. Wood burning stove. Ax. Don't worry. I didn't chop off my arm...but I also wasn't successful at keeping the fire burning. I blame it on the wet wood. After a full night of fun, Anatoly and Mystique arrived to board with us on Saturday. A completly opposite day, sunny and beautiful. Greg took this picture from the gondola, which was actually open, so we made it to the top and got to experience the backside. We were all pretty tired, so we layed low at Dana's and headed out Sunday morning.
'09 goals to come soon.