Sunday, August 2, 2015

Pendleton and a Spark

Yesterday Kyle and I raced the Camp Pendleton sprint triathlon. 500m swim, 18 mile bike, 5k run. A fun little trip around the LCAC facility against my favorite sailor. 

They didn't have an elite wave {not that I'm elite, but I like head to head competition}, so I started 30 min behind Kyle. I knew with the shorter swim, we'd be closer in time, but I didn't realize how close...

I stood at the swim exit waiting for Kyle. 12 min, 15 min...did I miss him? I meandered back to the start and glanced back, was that him? T-Rex running arms and head down, yep. 18 min, seriously Kyle?!

My wave went off with a few big breaks, and some current, and I over compensated, because the previous waves were getting pulled north and I found myself south of the first buoy. Seriously, rachel?

I had a good chuckle at the halfway point thinking back to Kyle's exit. 

Caught a decent wave in and struggled through the sand. Hopped on my bike and was on a mission. Unfortunately I saw Kyle at my mile 5. What?! Made note of my time and got to the turnaround 15 min later. Crap, 12min back to the spot I saw him. So now I'm only 3 min up. He made up almost his entire losses from the swim?! My run is going to hurt.

Got back to T2 and chugged up the large launching ramp and saw Erin and Kyle at the corner. Ran as hard as I could, switching up my stride to utilize every possible firing muscle. Saw Kyle before the final straight away and he encouraged me to stride it out. I rarely sprint for the finish, and I'm not sure why. Maybe I thought I looked ridiculous. Maybe I remember running too fast through my Ironman finish chutes, and wished I had savored the moment more? But this was a sprint and so a sprint finish was necessary. 

Moral of the story; it mattered. Beat Kyle by 11 seconds. Not a typo. A far closer race than the 6 min at Carlsbad!!
Do I care that it was a minute slower than my first year racing triathlon? Or 9 slower than last year? Honestly, no. You get what you deserve. What you train for. But it sparked something inside. 

I know it's only August and typically people wait till Jan 1 for New Years resolutions. But that's always forced by a date and maybe that's why they don't work. It's not genuine, it's tradition. Yesterday I was inspired by my lack of speed. I know it sounds arrogant because I still won my age group, but that didn't matter to me. I know it wasn't the best my body is capable of. It was my best on the day, and that's all I can ask. But it's not all I can do. So next year, pending we don't have to move, I'm coming prepared. 

Challenge 2016: PR all "my" local races. 
Desert Tri Olympic
Super Seal Sprint
Spring Sprint
San Diego International
Semper Tri
And if we are still in the southwest: SOMA (Now Tempe 70.3) and have that be Kyle's first half ironman.

Now I need a plan. And I'm sure it'll include a lot of running. Time to
Embrace the suck. 

First goal? Lose the excess weight holding me back that'll likely cause injury while running. 

Second phase? Gain back fitness. 

Lastly, the speed shall come. Sparks. I will be fast. Positive thoughts produce positive results. 

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The Hippie Triathlete said...

Yay for sparks! Life is still up in the air for you, hey? Our future just took a little turn north...heading to Vancouver in the coming months. -Jen